The literacy programme for the moment is offered to two villages and also at the workshop for the six girls directly employed by Imadi. In future, the plan and dream is to take female teachers out to each village that we work with for those girls and women who never attended school...


Being an architect and basing my life with measurements, it was rather frustrating and challenging working with people who had no sense of numbers let alone measurements. For our first big order going to Sweden, there were a lot of mistakes with the client’s measurement (for which I had to foot the bill and put it down to the learning curve!). It was also at the same time that I had two of the weavers living with me, and they helped me to tidy a bookshelf, but with everything on the shelf upside down and inside out, I knew then that I wanted to sell more than just baskets. I owed it to the girls and future generation of the basket weaving community to help these 16 – 21 year olds, who have never been to school to learn to read and write.